Saturday, February 14, 2009

Visiting our Defeat Autism Now! Doctor

Happy Valentine's Day! I spent all day with my two boys (my DH and Henry) - my two sweeties! Today was our first visit in a long time to Henry's Defeat Autism Now! doctor in New Jersey. He is a great guy and we have been patients since 2004. His treatments are a huge reason Henry has made the progress he has. We had not been since last August, which in the world of biomedical is a lifetime! We were supposed to go in December but life conspired against us until today. It was amazing how we seemed to be on the same page today...we are exploring a very targeted form neurofeedback with Henry -- while it looks good, it is a big commitment so we need to work out whether it is feasible and explore it further. Even my DH thinks it sounds like a good thing for Henry, so that is a big first step. The doctor had no new supplements to add etc., and he thought Henry generally looked great! We also ran into one of his old IV nurses as we were leaving (we have not done IVs since the summer of '08) and she was thrilled to see him and also commented on how great he seems to be doing (but he got embarrassed by how effusive she was!)