Sunday, March 22, 2009

Public Speaking - A "Taxing Experience" in a GOOD way

I will be the first to admit that public speaking is not something I always relish. Actually, I don't mind it in my job but outside of that, a different story. So, somehow, I volunteered to speak to our National Autism Association chapter about tax deductions for families of children with special needs. Hmmm. How'd that happen??? Because my dear friend Dara asked. What's a girl to do? The format was our monthly Parent Network Exchange Meeting (the "PNEM") and Dara asked me to present along with her husband Mark, a CPA. I am so proud to say that it was a big success! Thank you to the more than 30 people who came and shared your questions and your own tips! I had a great time and hope those who attended took away practical information that they can use.