Monday, March 2, 2009


The hamburger kind.... Henry has a thing for bread in a bun form (I swear this is because of Spongebob and his "krabby patties"!). I used to make him sort of free-form buns using a mix from Chebe -- they have really wonderful products made from gluten-free manioc (tapioca) flour. Before we switched to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet ("SCD") in late 2007, Henry ate all kinds of Chebe products and loved them. But manioc is not "SCD-legal" so we gave it up... and Henry does miss it to this day. I have been making his sandwich bread from a wonderful recipe from a great cookbook entitled Cooking to Heal Little Tummies. So this weekend, I took one of the gazillion 2-cup pyrex round dishes I own (I make lots of bone broth from Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions), lined it with parchment, and took some extra bread batter from his usual recipe and poured it in (about 1/2 full) and baked at 350 for about 30 minutes. The end result was a great, perfectly round bun that I sliced horizontally. Henry was beyond thrilled (sometimes it makes me feel guilty that a bun can make a person so happy!).

Interestingly, his willingness to try things is really opening up. I will write soon about the new energy medicine intervention we have started!

P.S. We are expanding Henry's diet -- after great success on SCD -- and moving toward either a more Weston Price model or Body Ecology Diet -- or some unique hybrid. So, don't tell Henry but he likely will be getting some of the beloved Chebe buns this summer or something similar that I develop from scratch -- his camp is nut free so his almond flour bread is out and it also is a Jewish day camp that is dairy/parve - so no meat (none of the great Applegate Farms Great Organic Hot Dogs, a back-up lunch option). I use pumpkin nut butter and apple butter on his sandwiches so it really was the bread portion that had me worried.