Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Feet and Crying Eyes

Last night, the movie "Happy Feet" was on the Disney Channel and Henry and I started watching (he saw it in the theater when it came out and about a gazillion times when we first got the DVD, but it has been a long while). Cliff went to bed early and I let Henry stay up late (I know, I know!). There is a scene in the movie where little baby Mumble (the penguin who can dance but cannot sing) is almost scavenged by evil birds. He falls into a little crevasse to save his cute little penguin patooty (and besides, we grown ups know there would have been no movie if Mumble was eaten by birds early on). At the end of the scene, I commented, "Wow, that I was kind of scary, I am glad Mumble was ok." His response, "No, it wasn't . . . but don't look at me." So -- of course -- I immediately look at him , and he turned his head toward me and his eyes were welled up with tears. Not tears of fear (I could just tell) but tears of real concern over Mumble's well-being. He curled up against me to keep watching the movie. My own eyes were tearing up over how touched he was by this little penguin's plight and that he really "got" that movie moment.

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