Monday, March 1, 2010

Bent on Learning - New Yorker of the Week!

I just had to give a shout out to Bent on Learning. My friend Jennifer Ford is one of the founders of this fabulous organization, which was recently recognized by NY1 as "New Yorker of the Week." Watch the video here and see how Bent on Learning brings yoga practice into the NYC public school system, particularly into many schools that could not otherwise afford to share with their students the wonderful physical, emotional and educational benefits that yoga provides. Of particular interest to special needs parents in NYC - Bent on Learning also is hoping to soon bring yoga to students with special needs. Yeah - we can't wait!

Having just begun to dip my toes into yoga again after a really long hiatus (thanks Jennifer for helping set me up!) I can attest to how good it feels - physically and emotionally - and how its benefits extend far beyond a yoga session itself. I hope to continue to make it a more integral part of my life and to bring it more into Henry's life too! I shared with my instructor this week how, when I was in law school, I found yoga so beneficial to maintaining balance. The trick now is to give it a wedge into my current chaotic life to bring some of that balance back. Reiki has gone a long way to helping bring a centering and calmness when chaos seems to reign and yoga helps me there as well. I can only imagine how our kids, who are bombarded by stimulation and information from all directions all the time, can benefit from this practice - and for special needs kids, who often have even more trouble processing sensory stimuli and regulating and attending, the possibilities are truly endless.

Many thanks to Bent on Learning for all you do! Your kudos from NY1 are an honor well-deserved.

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