Sunday, February 15, 2009

Open Forum -- Help Me Be A Better Blogger!

I am new to all this blogging business and would like to not only share stories of my family's life and our various journeys (of all kinds) but also address stuff from our lives that is meaningful to others. Please jump in here and comment -- I need your help!

(BTW, the photo here is a closeup I took of a beautiful sculpture my in-laws bought this summer -- I love the girl's contemplative expression and my photography is something I really want to work on.)
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  1. I would love a post on menu planning...I am a horrible menu planner so my house is more like a restaurant than a home kitchen. I feel like I am always cooking different things for everyone. I guess it is a little different when you have one, but if you have any advice, I would love it.

    Also, my daughter has gotten better from her low muscle tone and SI issues but she has mood issues and she looks malnourished. Any thoughts?

    I guess my comments were more selfish than helpful, but I figured that would give you something to post on.

  2. Someone asked me a similar question today so I have a couple of suggestions all ready for you. However, this is assuming that your goal is to generate more visitors to your blog which was the question of the friend.

    1. you probably know this already but you are supposed to put as many buzzwords in your post as possible and link to as many places as possible. The buzzwords help when people are doing a google search and find you accidentally or purposely (kind of).

    2. Another reason I have visitors coming in is I belong to about 7-8 different yahoogroups. A lot of them have to do with the GFCF diet or ADHD parenting. I read their emails and I give my two cents if I have something to say and I always sign it with my name and blog. Anyway, if I have a post and I really want a lot of input on that post, I will advertise my post to my groups and kindly ask them if anyone has any experience in it to write in a comment. A lot of them write in the comment directly onto the yahoogroup instead of in the comment box so I ask them if I can post their comment in the comment box with their name or anonymous and they almost always say yes.

    3.Another thing that I have done is to put the newest comments in a very visible place on my blog. I often wonder why anyone would want to comment on a blog post that is one week old or older. But maybe they really want you to see their comment and if they knew that their comment would be read because all the new comments go to the top of the page, that will incite them to comment. I noticed a difference in my commenting activity after I put this up. If you are interested, try: if that link doesn't work, just go to my blog and click onto the widget link and go to the comment feed section on the bottom right.

    4. I just want you to know that on my blog, the posts that were most read didn’t always have the most comments. That said, you should get a counter on your blog. There are a lot of free ones and they not only track how many visitors but they track where they came from, what google terms were used to find you, which posts were read most, which days were busiest..etc. It will help you understand how and when people come to you and why.

    5. BTW, it's a good thing you want to work on your photography. I put pictures on almost all my posts. I feel it’s essential.

    6. Lastly, which I should have written first is a question that my husband always asks me. Do you know what your goal is? What is your mission? What do you expect from this? He always asks me this and I am not sure I know all the answers yet and I get very defensive. I shouldn't though, I think these are valid questions and if you know the answers to them, you will know what to do with your blog.

    Good luck! I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do.

  3. Hello Kim,

    I am mother who is out here finding ways to help my little girl who had acute reactions to her 4 month old vaccinations. You can read my blog Please add me to your blog. Mary Coyle sent me your blog. I am going to be attending Mary's training in April 2009 to a HHP. I hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Hey Kim - looks pretty good to me! As you probably know, I will often post a link to a new entry on my Facebook page...I have also added my blog site to my email signature.

    How is life in general?