Friday, November 13, 2009

Omega 3s for ASD - live from the National Autism Conference

Take your Omega 3s! Peggy and I have had the chance to chat with Tim Terry, a senior sales manager with Nordic Naturals. Omega 3s are important for all of us but are especially important for children on the spectrum, and children often can't or won't eat Omega 3-rich foods. Nordic Naturals provides some of the purest Omega 3s available, and, for kids who don't swallow pills, make very palatable flavored liquids. Our family has been using Nordic Naturals for years with great success. They can help with everything from attention to eczema!

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  1. No one is a bigger fan of fish oil. Just spoke to mom today whose daughter went from LD school to Headmasters list thanks to fish oil. It makes you super smart or sushi smart, you could say.

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