Friday, November 13, 2009

Live from the NAC: Dr. Dan Rossignol on Assessing & Prioritizing Treatments

Dr. Dan Rossignol is presenting on how to assess and prioritize treatments. He focuses on treating the child as an individual -- based on his or her symptoms not only the labs and to look at the "POEM"s - patient-oriented evidence that matters, not only disease-oriented evidence, which will not provide the whole picture (i.e., a drug that improves the condition it is intended to treat but eventually kills the patient!). He helped patents to understand the different types of studies out there, how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of study protocols, and questions to ask about the safety of medications. While emphasizing the individuality of each patient, he is discussing some of the most common treatments for the most common symptoms and the basic lab work patents should consider to help parents understand what is available and how to prioritize what is right for YOUR child.

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  1. A little bit more from Dr. Rossignol... Music therapy can be a very effective treatment and for those considering having more children, there is a new antibody test for women that can help determine if you are at risk of having another child with ASD - his practice is the only place on the east coast currently using this but this test could be very important... I will try to get more info!